Meet the people

In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes, the people of Kharelthok, Nepal, faced what seemed like an impossible situation. Homes and household toilets lay in ruins and the village’s water supply dried up, forcing residents to search for new sources and putting everyone at risk of diseases caused by drinking dirty water. But with WaterAid's support, the community have been battling against the odds to achieve something remarkable. These are their stories.


As the only plumber in Kharelthok, Krishna had to keep the water flowing after the 2015 earthquakes. Now his family are making change happen too. Read more »


Bikram returned to Kharelthok after his dad fell ill. Today, he’s busy learning a new trade – and following in his father’s footsteps. Read more »


The 2015 earthquakes destroyed Laxmi’s toilet, forcing her to make difficult choices. Now she's among the first to have finished rebuilding. Read more »


As a mum, Kopila knows the difference good hygiene can make. As a hygiene promoter, she’s sharing that message with the whole community. Read more »


Engineer Dharma is so committed to Kharelthok, he’s moved to the village, so he can build strong relationships as well as a resilient water system. Read more »


Working for WaterAid’s recovery programme, Pramita is often on the road, visiting communities where vital rebuilding work is underway. Read more »


Sarita knows the dangers of walking for water all too well, but a brand new tap will soon make that journey a thing of the past. Read more »